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New Years Resolutions

Image by countries in colors via Flickr I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, but with the holiday season also comes extra celebrations and food everywhere. These times are a nice treat, but it can pack on the pounds. The holidays is also a hard time to keep a diet going, but then comes the […]

Healthy Foods for Spring

I was looking up information for a food related unit from my Biology class and came across this article. The article is titled the Top 20 Healthiest Foods for Spring and shows what you should eat in the spring. I thought this would be very helpful because it provides a good basis for a healthy […]

My new Workout Plan!

I am in college and currently have a very busy schedule. I have class most of the day, then homework, my sorority, and other extracurricular activities. I am very glad I am so busy, but I always find myself working out in a very inconsistent workout schedule, UNTIL RECENTLY… Now, I wake up early and […]

Workouts every week

Exercise everyday is very important, but lots of people claim to never have time to workout. Yes, I am a very busy person and I find it hard to work out sometimes, but it has been proven that working out 30 minutes a day, five days a week, with healthier eating, will help you loose […]