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Healthy food blog: What’s your breakfast I.Q.?

Men’s Health magazine has come up with this fun quiz testing how savvy you are about making healthy breakfast choices. I admit there are some surprises in there and I scored 8 out of 11 and am regarded as a health food pro. What’s your score and what surprised you?

Healthy food blog: Vitamins

According to a recent study, most people do not need vitamins especially if they already eat a healthy diet. Okay, how many people eat a healthy diet? Read the article as there are some vitamins like C and calcium that have benefits but if you are already healthy, you don’t need to take multivitamins. Then […]

1,000th post on healthy food blog-Circle of Food

Congratulations to us!  (Mary, Cindy, and me-Karyn) All day long I have been obsessing about making the 1,000th post. Here are some facts about the Circle of Food blog: The first post was September 18, 2006. During the rest of the year, we had 320 unique visitors and 31,098 page views. The most popular search […]

Healthy Food Blog: Peanut Butter Recall

This peanut butter recall is really spreading. According to the latest reports which seem to change several times a day, over 465 people have contracted salmonella food poisoning and six have died. I think those six were elderly. The elderly are affected by food poisoning more so than the average healthy person. So far they […]

Healthy Food Blog: European Sausage Recall

Even on Christmas Day, there are food recalls. I hope Santa didn’t eat any sausage. T. Piekutowski European Style Sausage, a St. Louis, Mo., firm, is recalling approximately 750 pounds of sausage products that may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service announced today. The following product […]

Healthy Food Blog: Healthy Holiday Gifts: Spices and Herbs

In a tight economy, people are really rethinking gifts. Not only do you want them to be functional and well received but let’s add the gift of health.  Let’s say the 50+ generation is watching their weight, their cholesterol, their blood pressure, starting to get heart disease, needs to exercise more, has to maintain bone […]

Healthy Food Blog: Just Say No to Buffalo Wings

Have you noticed how many chicken wing joints have sprung up in the last few years? In the city I live in, there must be at least a half dozen. The other day I was having a conversation with a friend’s teenage daughter who actually thought that buffalo wings were a health food. Say what? […]

Inspired Healthy Eating

Health. Health. Health.  Healthy eating is on everyone’s mind and it’s about time. Leave it to those nurses who are always looking out for us to eat healthy. They have been so inspired that they came up with a list of 100 blogs devoted to healthy eating. Of course, Circle of Food is on the […]

Food Trivia: Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts…Healthy Eating

Last week I posted some food trivia questions and only one person took the challenge. Thanks for playing! So here are the food trivia questions and the answers plus some healthy eating tips. Which vegetable has three times as much vitamin C as an orange  and twice as much iron as spinach? The answer is……………………. […]