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Cookbook Review: What Color is your Smoothie?

Cookbook Review: What Color is your Smoothie? I love my blender. I love my blender. It makes me happy, a happy ender. Okay, enough silliness but I do love my blender as well as my melon baller, coffee maker and microplane. Those are my four favorite kitchen gadget appliances. I’m a minimalist at heart and […]

Healthy Eating

Nutrition Nugget: To Meat or Not To Meat I spoke at a Wellness gathering this past Friday evening. For the second time this year my presentation was interrupted by a person calling out, “Is this about being vegan?” My reply, “No, it is not.” Just as I was about to resume the discussion, the second […]

40 easy ways to eat more ethically

Eating ethically. Now there’s an idea that I try to embrace. Some suggestions to eat more ethnically include (not surprisingly) eating less meat and growing your own vegetables. Other suggestions are stop eating fast food head to the local farmers markets eat organic products stop eating foods that require slave labor to pick and process […]

Healthy Lifestyle: Eat Less Meat

Image via Wikipedia I would like to thank Jena E. for sending me a link to this well thought out article about how to be more compassionate as carnivores. It got me thinking about my own meat eating habits. This year I have eaten less meat than ever before. I know the movie Food Inc., […]

Summer Eating Habits

Image by fensterbme via Flickr I am officially on summer vacation and it feels great! All I have to worry about is working, and I have no stress from school. But not only with summer comes a wonderful time to see my family and friends, but also an even easier way to stay in shape. […]

Healthy Food Blog: Eat 6 Meals a Day

Instead of eating three square meals a day (whatever that is), consider eating six meals that are smaller portions not double portions. The benefit of eating six smaller meals is that your blood sugar spikes from overeating or dip from food depletion. Eating more frequently helps to control your appetite which in turn helps to […]


For those who are religious, lent is approaching. Every year, I decide what to give up to try and make my life healthier. This year, I have decided I am planning on giving up fried food, like in the past.  What is everyone else planning on giving up? Just curious… and I know lent it […]

Balanced Breakfast

Balanced Breakfasts are hard in the first place, but try it at college…I have 8 am classes every day of the week, and I have to wake up at 6:30 in the morning for showering. If I ate breakfast at the cafeteria, I would have to wake up even earlier.  I know 30 minutes in […]

South Beach Diet – Low Glycemic – Day 3

Today wraps up my 3rd day of low glycemic eating. I chose the South Beach Diet over say Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig is because on the South Beach Diet, you lose stomach fat first. I don’t know how and I don’t know why but I much prefer to lose stomach fat first rather than […]

Inspired Healthy Eating

Health. Health. Health.  Healthy eating is on everyone’s mind and it’s about time. Leave it to those nurses who are always looking out for us to eat healthy. They have been so inspired that they came up with a list of 100 blogs devoted to healthy eating. Of course, Circle of Food is on the […]