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Happy Healthy Eating for Fathers Day

Happy Healthy Eating for Father’s Day I grew up in a household where my father didn’t like vegetables. He mostly erred on the side of caution with fresh tomatoes from his garden, iceberg lettuce, corn on the cob. That was the extent of our veggie eating for many years until canned peas and carrots (which […]

One Day Diet by Dr. Oz

One Day Diet by Dr. Oz The April issue of Good Housekeeping hits newsstands on March 15.  Dr. Oz is on the cover sharing his health and weight loss wisdom and reveals the One Day Diet which is a super fast slim down meal plan with easy rules to help you  lose up to two […]

True or False: Do Carrots Improve Eyesight?

Image via Wikipedia True or False: Do Carrots Improve Eyesight? In a recent survey among eyecare providers, nearly 30 percent hear the following question at least once a week: Will eating carrots really improve my vision? Perhaps it was Bugs Bunny or Peter Cottontail spreading these types of rumors, but VSP Vision Care has enlisted […]

4 Fruits to Add to a Healthy Spring Diet

As we venture further into spring, more and more seasonal fruits are becoming available, and there are a myriad of ways these items can be infused into our daily diets.  From apricots to papayas, seasonal fruits can be a wonderful addition, accompaniment, or ingredient in some of your favorite dishes.  Keep reading to find out […]