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Merry Christmas – Drink Wine, Be Greytful

I saw this photo on Facebook and asked Mutt Lynch Winery permission to use it on my blog. (thank you) As you know I have greyhounds (but love all dogs) and I love wine so I could not resist. As for Mutt Lynch Winery, they have the kind of outlook that we should all have […]

Tucson restaurant: amazing customer service – Zivaz

Here’s a tale about amazing Tucson restaurant customer service. Unfortunately, when something bad happens to us, we tell dozens of people but when something positive happens, we only tell three or five. I’m changing the odds here. This past weekend I had a birthday party…for my greyhound. Yeah, what can I say? She’s my fur […]

Brunch, Greyhounds, and Loving Our Pets

Lily, my retired rescued greyhound recently turned 11 (October 20). That is a big cause to celebrate because racing greyhounds live retched lives and against all odds of being dosed with anabolic steroids and god knows what else — as they age, it’s cause for celebration. My greyhound is somewhat of a spook and doesn’t like to be around […]