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Cosmic Cocktails | Cancer | The Sensitive Soul

When researching this week’s sign and cocktail the immediate thought I got, reading about the Crab’s nurturing and protective nature, was of a lioness protecting her cub, or an angry momma-bear. Maybe it should have been a little more Finding Nemo and less Jungle Book (we are dealing with a water sign, after all), but the comparison […]

She Was Afraid to Come Out With the Vodka…

She was afraid to come out with the Vodka She was as nervous as she could be She was afraid to come out with the Vodka She was afraid that somebody would see Two three four tell the people what she bore It was an Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Martini That she […]

Sung Korean Bistro – Review – Cincinnati Ohio

Looking to add a little excitement to your food palate?  Then take a culinary food adventure and visit Sung Korean Bistro  located at 700 Elm St. in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.  NOTE to READERS:  I know many of you may not live in Ohio, but even though this review is about a specific restaurant, it is […]