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AlcoHOLidays | Valentine’s Day | Loving Cup

Ah, yes, Valentine’s Day… Thought by many to be a wonderful day of expressing our love for others in various public and private ways. Thought by others to be a trumped-up excuse by the candy and card manufacturers to bilk out a little more money between the Christmas holidays and Easter. I’ll never forget the time my […]

AlcoHOLidays | Election Day | Political Party

Back when I was first in college (in the dim mists of the late 20th century), I was incredibly political and planning to become an event planner. I even went as far, for a Intro to Business project, as creating a business plan based on my company-to-be, aptly named Party Politics. I’ve volunteered on campaigns, […]

Earth, Air, Fire, Water

Thank you, everyone, for being patient during my August-off. I did get quite a bit done, but now it’s back to the usual blogging schedule and back to the bar! ~~~oOo~~~ So, this week’s Alphatini asks us to tackle the letter E. Early brainstorming turned up eggplant (not sure how that would work), eggnog (which was a […]

50 Shots of America–South Dakota

More than 75% through our drink-by-state tour of the United States, today we stop by South Dakota for a trip through the Black Hills… ~~~oOo~~~ There’s still that 50/50 chance that today’s state is actually number 39 and not 40 as it shows up in most lists, but we’ll not rehash that old tale again. […]

Sips & Shots: 50 Shots of America–Georgia

Even though I live about a half-hour’s drive from the Florida-Georgia border and even worked in that state (however briefly), I had absolutely no idea that Georgia was one of the original 13 Colonies much less the 4th official state, having ratified the Constitution on January 2, 1788. (Seriously, we’re getting close to concurrent dates, […]