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Tips to Improve Health

Nutrition Nugget: Nature Trumps Genetics Healthy greetings from my world of wellness! This is the first of many nuggets I plan to pass your way in the hopes of helping you to stay well, be well or get well. I’m on a mission to “pay forward” the gift of renewed health that was given to […]

Do coupons influence your purchase?

Something to think about…. Would you go to a store just because you have a coupon? For me, the answer is usually yes but it all depends on the deal. I am not willing to try something new that isn’t that special unless I have a coupon worth it. For example, the first time I […]

Fast Food… One step in the right direction

Image via Wikipedia Fast Food… I am done! Being in college, I am always on the run and barley have time to eat. I go from work to class to meetings ect…. and it is hard to find time to cook great food. I have never liked fast food and I barley ever get it, […]

Famous Daves

Image via Wikipedia As a tradition in my sorority, we always get a group of girls together and go out to dinner for a sister’s birthday. Well today is my little sister Kelsey’s birthday in the sorority so we are going to Famous Daves in Toledo, OH. I have only been there once before because […]

The Little Black Book with a Culinary Spin

Quirk Books sent over a copy of “Recipes Every Man Should Know.”  This is a little black book with all the basics laid out in a simple straightforward manner. Written by Susan Russo and Brett Cohen, “Recipes” also covers the vocabulary, tools and techniques every guy read cook should know. There are even instructions on […]

Eating Just to Eat

Image by Alesist via Flickr So I never thought I did this because I don’t really snack on foods or eat too much, but since school started a week ago I have noticed to eat less because of my schedule. I have class from 11 to 5 twice a week so it pretty much cuts […]

My Pyramid

Image via Wikipedia Do you follow the traditional food pyramid when picking out your meals? Well, even if you do, you might not be on the right track. Ever since the food pyramid came out, they review the pyramid every 5 years and make changes based on findings. Well the new pyramid looks completely different […]

Eating out on the “Job”

Image via Wikipedia I am very thrify and hate to spend money unless I have to. One of the ways I try to save money is not eating out a lot because making meals is a lot cheaper. Well, I have discovered while working for my dad’s business, System to Sell, I have to eat […]

Great Lakes Brewery

Image by chrisscott via Flickr Great Lakes Brewery is a nice restaurant and brewery located in Downtown Cleveland. This restaurant is located on an artsy part of the city near the West Side Market and shops. This brewery brews all sorts of beers. Some of the more populars ones include Dortmonder Gold and Eliet Ness. […]