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Phoenix, Ariz: Casting Call – Hell’s Kitchen – Nov. 18

Image via Wikipedia Can you stand the heat? Working in a restaurant is demanding, back-breaking work. But “working in a restaurant” on reality food TV for a ranting and raving arrogant S.O.B. is only for the young and very ambitious. If you think you can handle jumping into that frying pan — then go to […]

Casting Director Seeks New Food TV Host

Image via Wikipedia Circle of Food received this request for help in finding a food personality wanting and willing to host a TV show. I didn’t validate its truthfulness but am passing it on: “A casting producer for a popular production company and lifestyle network is conducting a nationwide casting search to find a TV […]

Food Safety: Finger-Licking is Bad on TV

Study Measures Food Safety Examples in Popular Cooking Shows   Finger-licking cooking is one thing, but finger-licking cooks?   A new Texas Tech University study on food safety measures found that some Food Network stars may inadvertently be teaching the wrong lessons during their popular shows.   Last year researchers sat down to analyze food-safety […]