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Talk About Your Local Color!

For the month of May it was undeniably purple! I’ve still been enjoying my bi-weekly visits to the local farmers’ market and loving how simple a start it makes menu-setting for my weeks. If I had to state a downside, the only one I can think of is that if our plans get juggled and […]

Farmers’ Market Follow-Up

If there’s one thing I retained from 3 years as a Brownie it’s “Be Prepared.” In fact, I might be a smidgen compulsive on the research front, wanting to know as much as possible about a situation before heading into it. So it was that I asked for helpful hints in advance of my first […]

MacKnitty’s Family of Locavores: The Journey Begins

    Tucson has been my home for the past 12 years, a transplant from The Navajo Reservation. I have had my first daughter here and meet my husband here. After earning my B.A in Elementary Education from The University of Arizona, I worked as an educator specializing in 1st grade and Physical Education. In 2006, […]

Desert Locavore: Eating Locally in Tucson, AZ

Plucky writer dances with herbs and eats copious amounts of squash for seven days… Practice blatant localism. I saw those words on a bumper sticker and its meaning haunted me. I already eat in locally-owned restaurants; use a naturopath and acupuncturist to heal me instead of bureaucratic Blue Cross and Walgreen’s prescription counter and buy […]