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National Guacamole Day Dip & Sip? Challenge Accepted!

I’ve always loved playing hostess at parties and I’m so lucky to have found, in Todd, a willing accomplice to party perfection. We try to throw at least one good-sized party a year (with written invitations, party favors, etc.) but with this year’s bash being the wedding (in 47 days–holy cats it’s getting close!), at-home […]

Organizing a Housewarming Party: What to serve

As soon as you are settled in your new house, the odds are that you will want to display your pride and joy to the world and invite your friends to a housewarming party. Here are a few ideas to help ensure that your housewarming party is a success. Essentials It is usually best to […]

Traditional Holiday Dinner with LAFF Gal Pals 2011

The holidays are over and nobody is thinking about food now, but I always post the photos and recipes to our Christmas feast that Carolyn Mueller and I put on for our LAFF Gal Pals.  It is always held at Carolyn’s lovely home.  This year we had a total of 12 at the table. This […]

Tales of a Party: Fairy Fest 2011

Have you ever had a party with low attendance because everyone else had the same party date? Happens all the time with all the big holidays and some of the smaller ones, too. Next time, be the happy guest at your friend’s party and let open your own home for a lesser-known holiday on another […]

An Ap-Peel-ing Idea

For those who don’t already know, I have a creativity-focused blog, the 64 Arts, that lets me flex the right side of my brain on a regular basis. Last March, while exploring the art of Cutouts (from paper to peel), I created a cute lemon cup that might make a nice addition to your Easter […]

Valentine’s Day Traditions

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  Today is a very special day where you can show your loved one how much you care! Some people make it a big deal, others don’t. For my boyfriend and I, we usually go out to dinner and give each other gifts. But this year, it was different. We both decided […]

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

 This is a Christmas tradition my friends and I have been doing for a couple years. Since we all go to different colleges and never get to see each other, we do this once a year to get together, have some good food and talk. This year, I came to my friend Laura’s house early […]

Nibbles & Bites: Lessons From a Party

Learning never stops–it’s one of the few constants in life. I find that whether it’s something as simple as a new flavor combination or a more efficient way to complete a task, the kitchen offers plenty of opportunities the learn something new. Even if it’s what NOT to do! Last weekend I hosted a small […]

CNN Interviews Circle of Food Blogger Mary Johnson

Image by cliff1066™ via Flickr Well, my 15-minutes of fame has arrived. Last week, a reporter from CNN searched for Julia and Julia-themed parties and found a blog post I wrote on a Julia and Julia Christmas dinner  party I helped plan with friend Carolyn Mueller.  She simply left a comment on the blog post which sends an immediate email […]

Nibbles & Bites: The Omelet Station

This weekend was my not-exactly-annual BYOP (bring your own pumpkin) Party and it was a little different than the others I’ve hosted in the past. For one thing, it was ON Halloween instead of the weekend before (the reason being that carved pumpkins don’t last that long down here in Florida’s humidity) and it was […]