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Living Vegan: Processed Foods To Avoid

The following was submitted by Virginia Cunningham, guest blogger. Whether you’re a lifelong vegan, or just embarking on an effort to cut out all animal products from your diet, figuring out what you can eat may be something of a challenge, especially when it comes to processed, packaged foods. You know that fresh produce is […]

Living Healthy: A Lifestyle Choice

Are you afraid to grow old? Does the fear of health issues in your future keep you from living a life of quality? Take these important steps to bettering your life, while preparing for the inevitable process of aging. Health comes from many different areas from diet to financial freedom and everything in between. Taking […]

7 Healthy Eating Habits for Those Who Multitask

We live in a world that’s full of go-getters who know that they have to stay on their toes constantly and continue to keep up or risk getting left behind. It’s a rat race for money, fame and popularity and 24 hours a day is just not enough to squeeze in all that you want […]

How to Make Healthier School Lunches

What are some simple changes schools or parents can make to improve the nutritional quality of meals? Schools and parents should focus on reducing fat, sodium, and sugar in their recipes and increasing fiber with these simple changes: Increase the use of vegetables and beans in recipes. Substitute spinach and other greens in place of […]

Healthy – Unhealthy Lunch: Schools Have a Choice

Originally uploaded by Child of the 60’s Project Bread’s Plan for Better School Meals As school systems cope with higher costs for food and fuel, Project Bread, Massachusetts’ leading antihunger organization, provides a new Better Lunch Toolkit for food service directors. The Better Lunch Toolkit ensures school meals are leaner, leafier, and more colorfully nutritious. […]

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) – Eating Healthy

Community Supported Agriculture helps the small farmer. The small farmer is usually a family affair who may not be able to afford the pricey organic labeling certification but still uses pesticide-free farming methods. Organic may not be what it used to be as it’s been dumbed down by the government to accommodate big business’ like Wal-Mart […]

Eating Healthy: Is Organic Produce Worth the Extra Cost?

Buying organic is a good way to cut your exposure to potentially harmful pesticides, but it can get expensive. So how can you save on organics? According to ShopSmart, from the publisher of Consumer Reports, one way to save is to limit organic purchases to fruits and veggies that have the most dangerous pesticide residues […]

Inspired Healthy Eating

Health. Health. Health.  Healthy eating is on everyone’s mind and it’s about time. Leave it to those nurses who are always looking out for us to eat healthy. They have been so inspired that they came up with a list of 100 blogs devoted to healthy eating. Of course, Circle of Food is on the […]