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All Things in Moderation

It’s a new year and with the starting of a new calendar many folks around the world have all vowed to do one thing: lose weight. And I saw a statistic the other day that was not all that encouraging for their chances. Me? While my doctor would love to see that scale go down […]

Tips to Improve Health

Nutrition Nugget: Nature Trumps Genetics Healthy greetings from my world of wellness! This is the first of many nuggets I plan to pass your way in the hopes of helping you to stay well, be well or get well. I’m on a mission to “pay forward” the gift of renewed health that was given to […]

One Day Diet by Dr. Oz

One Day Diet by Dr. Oz The April issue of Good Housekeeping hits newsstands on March 15.  Dr. Oz is on the cover sharing his health and weight loss wisdom and reveals the One Day Diet which is a super fast slim down meal plan with easy rules to help you  lose up to two […]

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

For tomorrow? We Diet*. At least, that seems to be the motto of many, this time of year. Over the next month there will be open houses and company dinners, family feasts and friendly parties, bountiful tables, gift baskets and bar carts. So it’s no surprise that one of the most common resolutions, come January […]

Fad Diets: Are they right for you?

Image via Wikipedia Famous Fad Diets Circle of Food received a link to an article about the 10 worst fad diets. Only 10? My curiosity was piqued and I decided to check it out. OMG! I am guilty of partaking in some of these fad diets in my past. Of the 10, I have been […]