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National Coffee Milkshake Day – July 26

July 26 – National Coffee Milkshake Day OMG! Does everything have its day? This is totally ridiculous. The reason I know it’s National Coffee Milkshake Day is because KRUPS sent me a press release. Here’s their recipe if you are so inclined to try it. I wish they would’ve sent me an immersion blender. Ingrdients: […]

Pear-Cranberry Crisp Recipe

This Pear-Cranberry Crisp was the grand finale to our 2011 annual LAFF Gal Pals holiday feast (see the entire menu).  It’s a sweetie, literally.  Everyone loved it.  Don’t forget the cinnamon ice cream.  My favorite! 3 pounds ripe Anjou pears (about 5), peeled, cored, cut into 1-inch pieces 1 c. fresh cranberries or frozen, thawed […]

Memorial Day Desserts

I love Memorial Day Weekend! First of all, it means the weather is getting nicer. Secondly, it means its right around my birthday. Third, it usually means a longer weekend off of work and last but most importantly it is a time to honor those who fought for our country and who brought honor to […]

The Melting Pot Experience… at Home

I love going to the Melting Pot because it is such a fun time, but I usually never go because of the price. The food is pretty good, but my favorite part is the dessert. I do like all their cheese fondue choices along with meat and veggies, but I am not willing to pay […]

New: Allegro Gelato in Tucson

Tucson Food: Allegro Gelato near UA Did you know that in Italy there is one gelato store for every 2,000 people? Here in Tucson, not so much. So two young guys from Italy — Ivan Lucchina and Marco Rapella surmise that Tucson needs more gelato. They could be right on about that. The store located […]

Watermelon Sherbet Dessert

This use to be my favorite dessert when my mom would treat my brother and me to ice cream at Friendly’s. This dessert is very similar to what they would offer which is called the Watermelon Roll. It is made using watermelon sherbet (or raspberry), lemon sherbet and lime sherbet. It also calls for small […]

Cake Alternatives

Last week Todd asked what kind of birthday cake I wanted, or even if I wanted one at all considered the amount of cake I’d just dealt with. Have you ever considered a birthday non-cake for your celebration? Here’s some ideas we came up with: Cupcakes (good if gourmet, less run of the mill) Cheesecake […]

Apple Crisp

Image via Wikipedia This SUGAR FREE dessert is something on the healthier side and easy to make. I love making apple crisp year round, and this recipe is especially good for those who can not eat a lot of sugar. I have tried different variations to the recipe by adding nuts, or other fruits as […]

4th of July Dessert

I was online looking for recipes for 4th of July because we are not only celebrating the holiday, but my brother’s birthday is Monday. I found the perfect recipe that won’t make you feel bad about eating it, or that bad atleast. RECIPE INGREDIENTS: For the blueberry sauce: 1 pint fresh blueberries, rinsed 1 tablespoon […]