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Chocolate fudge cake for Valentines Day

Chocolate is a year round food but certain times of the year scream more chocolate than others. February is one of those times. Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate offers 13 chocolate flavors, ranging from light to dark chocolate.  Traditional varieties include Milk, Dark 70%, Dark 85%, and White, while the more unique flavors are Maya […]

Help! Need easy fruit dessert recipe for Thanksgiving

Image via Wikipedia Calling all cooks: Beyond pumpkin pie – need easy fruity dessert for Thanksgiving For people who know me, they know I don’t bake but I love to cook. My gas oven never seems calibrated and if a recipe says 350-degrees, I have to bake it at 375-degrees.  I have very few baking […]

Apple Cake Recipe with Caramel Icing

Originally uploaded by Child of the 60’s Well I finally did it. I baked my mother’s Fresh Apple Cake with Easy Penuchi Icing  (tastes like caramel) after 35 years of self-denial because I was worried about the calories and the temptation. Not that I had stopped eating desserts and other wonderful foods during that time. […]

Halloween Recipe: Chocolate Jack-o-Lanterns

Thank you to Athens Foods for sharing this sophisticated recipe. Don’t trick your Halloween party guests. Rather, treat them with a flaky Mini Fillo Shell filled with a blend of vanilla yogurt, cream cheese, fresh orange juice and a zested and minced orange peel.  Chocolate Jack-o-Lanterns Ingredients: 2 ounces chopped milk chocolate 15 Athens® Mini […]