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Guest Blogger Torie Nicholas Gets Alpha Chi Omega Opportunity

One of our guest bloggers, Torie Nicholas, a sophomore at the University of Toledo and member of Alphi Chi Omega sorority, recently was offered an opportunity by the editor of her sorority’s publication The Lyre, to publish a food-related article that would reach over 115,000 women internationally.  This opportunity came to Torie as a result […]

Balanced Breakfast

Balanced Breakfasts are hard in the first place, but try it at college…I have 8 am classes every day of the week, and I have to wake up at 6:30 in the morning for showering. If I ate breakfast at the cafeteria, I would have to wake up even earlier.  I know 30 minutes in […]

Skipping Meals at College

                 The University of Toledo is not the largest college, but with thousands of students and lots to offer, it is important to become active on campus to meet all sorts of new people and join great organizations. But with being active, comes responsibility and it makes it even more difficult to eat healthy.                 […]