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What Girls Eat

I went to my sorority house and asked random girls what they have eaten today! Here are the results. Here is the inside news of college eating habits!!   Amanda B- Jimmy Johns Sub Potato Salad Mac and Cheese Amanda G- Mac and Cheese Chinese Potato Salad Granola Bar Pizza Traci W- 3 pieces of […]

Digging Deeper In

I am starting an experiment at my house this week without telling anyone. I am going to watch everything people eat, but not let them know they are being recorded. I think this will change the food items consumed for Lauren and Sam mostly. I usually always eat about the same food regardless, and Lu […]

The Truth about College Living

I live in the Alpha Chi Omega sorority house will 25 other girls. Although this may seem like a mess to some, I really enjoy it. But once you live with 25 other girls, you start to learn a lot more about them. This not only brought me closer to a lot of my sisters, […]