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AlcoHOLidays | Devil’s Food Cake Day | Cocoa Diablo

Does chocolate cake sound good to anyone else right about now? This coming Sunday, May 19, is National Devil’s Food Cake Day and I’m pretty much sold on the idea, truth be told. Might have to squeeze in some baking between appointments on Saturday. What makes Devil’s Food cake different from other chocolate cakes? Good […]

AlcoHOLidays | St Patrick’s Day | Sweet Irish Coffee

On St Patrick’s Day, everybody has a touch of the Irish in them! Granted, the day has devolved (in many areas, including my own college-anchored town) into an excuse to drink watered-down, green-tinted beer for a ridiculously long time. It’ll be interesting to see if that is at all curbed by March 17 falling on […]

National Coffee Milkshake Day – July 26

July 26 – National Coffee Milkshake Day OMG! Does everything have its day? This is totally ridiculous. The reason I know it’s National Coffee Milkshake Day is because KRUPS sent me a press release. Here’s their recipe if you are so inclined to try it. I wish they would’ve sent me an immersion blender. Ingrdients: […]

Give Me 3 CCs–Stat!

Unlike a goodly portion of human adults, I don’t rely on a cup of coffee or three to start my day (part of it is that whole no-caffeine thing, of course). Sure, I indulge in the occasional Venti Decaf Soy Caramel Macchiatto when I manage to leave the house a little early but, for the […]

Earth Day- Go Get a Free Cup of Coffee

Happy Earth Day! To celebrate Earth Day, starting at 5 am today, Starbucks will be giving away free coffee if you bring in your own travel mug. They are doing this to create a better awareness for earth day and to cut down on the cups (paper) given out with their coffee products. So go […]

Easy Coffee Frappe

This recipe is one I found in my Desperate Housewives cookbook. It is a very simple recipe and turns out great, but I would have never thought to do this… To make the Coffee Frappe, you need coffee and milk. That is it! You first make some coffee and put it in an ice cube […]

Dunkin Donuts Everyday Joe Campaign

Image via Wikipedia This new campaign Dunkin Donuts was started two weeks ago. The purpose of this new campaign is to show consumers that everyone comes to Donut Donuts. To feature this brand, Dunkin Donuts called thousands of fans to find out who would be featured in the commercials. So far, consumers have reacted in […]

Is Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Better Than Starbucks Coffee?

Image via Wikipedia My brother, Steve, came to visit last weekend and we were out and about and it was mid-afternoon and time for coffee.  He said “Let’s find a Dunkin’ Donuts – I like their coffee”.  Well, I have to say that was the first time I’ve heard that! Imagine my surprise today when […]

Easy Iced Coffee

Image via Wikipedia I love iced coffee for a treat, but never want to go to a cafe and pay the expensive price so I found a solution..make it on my own. First, I brew a 3 cup pot of coffee which takes about 5 minutes. Once the coffee is done, I let it cool […]

Speedy Rewards

Image by Getty Images via @daylife This is another savings method to take advantage of! It is FREE, easy to sign up, and all it requires is showing your car when you shop at Speedway. The card gives deals and savings for food, gas and other purchases. You not only earn discounts for gas, but […]