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Cosmic Cocktail | Aries | Competitive Streak

Welcome to April, Spring and–thankfully–the end of a rather hellacious Mercury Retrograde! Today kicks off our new series: Cosmic Cocktails. I’ll be spending the next 3 months creating a cocktail for each of the sun signs of the Western zodiac (what most folks thing of when they look up their horoscope in the back of a […]

Coke Vs. Pepsi

Image via Wikipedia Coke or Pepsi??…This has been a long going debate between people for years…which is better!!! In my opinion, Coke is by far the only way to go! And not even coke, just DIET COKE!! (diet coke with lime is my favorite). It is funny because when it comes to pop, there is […]

50 Shots of America–Oregon

The Oregon Trail For the longest time I thought Oregon was more inland… somewhere more in the Idaho area, for some reason. I just couldn’t imagine it on the coast. At least I didn’t think it was an island, right? What I *was* fairly sure of was that lots of people traveled to Oregon in […]

Do you remember??

Do you remember food over the years that companies thought was a brilliant idea, but once the food came out, it was quickly taken off the marketplace because customers didn’t like it?? One of the foods I always remember were fries called Funky Fries. These fries came in funky flavors and colors. Some of the […]