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Kringles – Sweet Treats from the heartland

I know sweets aren’t exactly what one thinks of when it come to food that’s good for you, but quality baked goods in moderation are good for the soul. I grew up in Racine, Wisconsin, a city known for its bakeries, Danish bakeries to be specific. Sticky buns, kolaches, napoleons, breads all are a part […]

I’ll be home for Christmas…

Image by Eva Ganeshavia Flickr The past two weeks, I have been home for the holidays. It has been very nice to see everyone, but it also throws off my daily routine. Usually, I am in charge of everything, have a set busy schedule to follow, and barley have time for meals. Now that I […]

Gal-Pal Christmas Tradition – Elegant Christmas Dinner Menu

Last week, my gal-pal LAFF group got together for our annual Christmas dinner, hosted by my friend Carolyn Mueller and assisted by yours truly.  This is the second year that I’ve been involved and I must say that I enjoy the preparation as much as the actual event, because it allows for some quality one-on-one […]

Christmas Dinner

Image by dane brian via Flickr I can not believe Christmas is tomorrow. I feel like I just finished my exams and got a break from my stressful college life, but here it is! Although it came fast, I am happy it is here because it means spending quality time with family and friends. This […]

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

 This is a Christmas tradition my friends and I have been doing for a couple years. Since we all go to different colleges and never get to see each other, we do this once a year to get together, have some good food and talk. This year, I came to my friend Laura’s house early […]

Holiday Traditions

Image via Wikipedia The holidays are a wonderful time to get together with family and friends and have a nice relaxing break from everything. Everyone has special traditions during the holidays based on religious, family and other factors. I am going to share with you some of my favorite family traditions and I hope you […]

Pumpkin Pie Cake Recipe

Image via Wikipedia We are going to my brother’s for Thanksgiving.  He and his wife, Ellyn, live in Avon Lake, Ohio — a four hour drive from Dayton,  and I’ve been asked to bring dessert.  I was going to make a homemade pie, but fate would have it that I was introduced to this Pumpkin […]

Christmas Eve Party

Image via Wikipedia Every year, my family does something different for christmas eve. Two years ago, we went to The Baskins to enjoy a fabulous dinner with our friends. Last year, we stayed home and cooked a variety of foods as a family. This year, we had a lot of fun because we went to […]

Christmas Dinner

Image via Wikipedia Since it is the holiday season, and Christmas was yesterday, I though it would be appropriate to talk about the traditions around Christmas. Everyone has different family traditions, but dinner usually has some common themes. For my family, we always have a big breakfast with the immediate family only, followed by opening […]