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Jelly Belly jelly bean recall, peanut allergy

Image via Wikipedia In a nutshell: Some Jelly Belly jelly beans packed in 7.5-oz cyclinders have been incorrectly labeled which could be dangerous to people who are allergic to peanuts. The rest of us — no problem. From the Jelly Bean press release distributed by FDA FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Fairfield, Calif. – November 4, […]

White Rabbit Candy Recall, Melamine Again

In a nutshell: Candy recalled because of melamine contamination. Melamine, used in industrial solvents, is what was in pet food last year causing a great recall and thousands of deaths. Melamine is what was in infant formula and milk products in China causing babies to have kidney stones and get deathly ill.  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — September […]

Black Licorice Recall: Too Much Lead, Candy Recall 16 States

In a nutshell: Yikes! Who knew black licorice had lead in it? And that just goes to show you that the labeling of all natural can include harmful minerals and all natural is not necessarily healthy like it misleadingly lets you believe. The term, all natural, should be abolished from product labeling because it means […]