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National Dairy Month: Is Butter Better?

June is National Dairy Month. In recent years butter has been given a bad rep, but it’s making a comeback.  Man-made butter substitutes like margarine and vegetable oil spreads are filled with trans-fats. Dr Andrew Weil states, “Butter is certainly better for you than margarine, and used moderately, can be part of a healthy diet.” […]

Classic Shortbread Recipe

I was cleaning out the cupboards yesterday and found a beautiful ShortBread mold that I had purchased years ago but never used.   I was looking for a fun Christmas food project to do this year and this was a perfect candidate.  The shortbread cookies were easy to make (with only four ingredients that every kitchen […]

Turkey(?) Day

Hello friends!  Allow me to introduce myself.   I’m Gretchen and I have a blog called Don’t Forget Love which is in the process of moving from the blogger platform to wordpress.  You can now find me there at  http://dontforgetlove.wordpress.com .  I am excited to be writing for Circle of Food.  For several years, I’ve been […]

butter, butter, butter – is butter better?

Image via Wikipedia Butter, butter, butter, butter Today my friend Judy and I were walking back from a late happy hour at a nearby restaurant and we started talking about food. She was bemoaning the fact that WAGS, a local Tucson café, closed. Having never been in WAGS, I asked her what she missed. Judy […]

Preparation for our Julie & Julia Christmas Feast

  Image via Wikipedia Yesterday, my friend Carolyn and I started preparing for our annual LAFF Christmas Party (LAFF is the informal women’s social group that I belong to).  Carolyn came up with the great idea of recreating the Beoff Bourguignon recipe from the Julie and Julia movie.  I was assigned the vegetables (perl onions […]

Butter and Julie & Julia, the movie

Today I saw the movie Julie & Julia with six of my foodie girl friends. I think I was drooling aloud. Although some critics are panning the Julie/Amy Adams character, I enjoyed the contrast of coincidences and struggles that both Julie and Julia faced – initial unfulfilled professional/personal lives, their drive to finish a project […]