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Dunkin Donuts Everyday Joe Campaign

Image via Wikipedia This new campaign Dunkin Donuts was started two weeks ago. The purpose of this new campaign is to show consumers that everyone comes to Donut Donuts. To feature this brand, Dunkin Donuts called thousands of fans to find out who would be featured in the commercials. So far, consumers have reacted in […]

Panera Bread and Bakery

Image by ohdearbarb via Flickr I went to Panera last weekend with my boyfriend for a nice lunch.   Every time I go back, I always remember why I love it so much. Not only do they have wonderful food, but it a quick, there are lots of selections and it is one of the […]

Great Pizza Deal!

Image via Wikipedia Since I am in college, I am always on the lookout for good deals. I use all the coupons, and finds I can get because it saves me money that I can spend on other items. I’m sure everyone has heard this deal advertised on TV sometime recent. The Pizza Hut Commercial. […]