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If You Have to Spike Your PB&J, You Might Have a Problem

No, make that you definitely have a problem. —————————————————— But before I get into that, first we have a giveaway winner to announce! Drumroll, please… */////////////////////* The winner of the OXO Good Grips Salad Dressing Shaker is Sara P. who left a comment right here on the Circle of Food. Congratulations, Sara, I’ll be emailing you for your mailing address […]

Wine Search I-Phone App

The next phone application I am going to review is called Wine Search. This app is available for the I-Phone and is very handy when going out to eat. If you are like me, you do not like to get ripped off when buying anything. I always try to compare prices, see if coupons are […]

Nibbles & Bites: Bonefish Grill Review

In celebration of Todd’s new job we went out to eat a couple of weeks ago and ended up at our local Bonefish Grill (a national chain with locations in 28 states). I say ended up because we were initially going to go to a restaurant that, in the interim, had either closed or relocated […]

Book Review: Where Do Fortune Cookies Come From?

So why are we Chinese food aficionados so enamored with fortune cookies? Perhaps that was the question writer Jennifer 8. Lee asked herself and her editor as a premise for writing The Fortune Cookie Chronicles (Grand Central Publishing 2008). Ms. Lee is a second-generation Chinese American who flits from continent to continent searching for the […]