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Easy Banana Smoothies

This recipe is very simple and requires little time. I love making them in the morning for breakfast. You need: Milk, 1 Frozen Banana and cinnamon Use a blender to blend the milk (about half a cup) and the frozen banana. Then add the cinnamon and continue to blend. That is it!! Sometimes I like […]

Easy Coffee Frappe

This recipe is one I found in my Desperate Housewives cookbook. It is a very simple recipe and turns out great, but I would have never thought to do this… To make the Coffee Frappe, you need coffee and milk. That is it! You first make some coffee and put it in an ice cube […]

Party Punch

This cauldron effect for Halloween is perfect for parties. It is not that expensive to do, and it looks really sweet when people are coming in to your party. All you need to do this is some dry ice and your punch you are making. It does not matter what you put in your punch, […]

Easy Iced Coffee

Image via Wikipedia I love iced coffee for a treat, but never want to go to a cafe and pay the expensive price so I found a solution..make it on my own. First, I brew a 3 cup pot of coffee which takes about 5 minutes. Once the coffee is done, I let it cool […]

50 Shots of America–Virginia

Looking over the information available on our 10th state, Virginia, I stumbled upon the list of Food & Wine Festivals that happen throughout the year in the Old Dominion State. There are a LOT of them. But, you know, with a considerable agricultural industry and 130 wineries in the state, I suppose that should be […]

Sips & Shots: 50 Shots of America–New Jersey

Of all the things that come to mind when I think New Jersey (Miss Congeniality, The Sopranos, the Turnpike and my aunt who lives there to name just a few), light bulbs are not one of them. Seriously, I don’t know where I thought Thomas Edison lived when he was inventing up a storm, but […]

Fruit[y] Cocktails

I’m not a girl who likes her liquor straight. On the contrary, I prefer mine well-mixered and my favorite class of mixer is fruit juice. Frou-frou umbrellas are not necessary and the blender can usually stay in the cabinet, but a good juice-to-booze ratio makes a happy camper of this cocktail chick. I went flipping […]