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AlcoHOLidays | Labor Day | Cruzan Slowpoke Shandy

And just like that, we’ll close the book on another summer. That’s right, another 3-day-weekend is upon us, the last of the season, and the fall and winter holidays are right around the corner. Football has started back up, school is back in session for many, and soon the weather will turn cooler with a […]

AlcoHOLidays | National Mustard Day | Pretzel Dip

To presume that National Mustard Day was a promotional effort instigated by one of the many mustard producers (or Big Mustard?) wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility but, as near as I can tell, it wouldn’t be true, either! Apparently National Mustard Day, celebrated on the first Saturday of August, is the product of the […]

50 Shots of America–Oklahoma

The countdown has now begun, folks, as we’re making our way through the final 5 in our cocktail tour of the United States we’re also just now getting to the territories that reached statehood in the twentieth century! ~~~oOo~~~ OOOOOOOOOk-lahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains… (C’mon, tell me that’s not the first […]

50 Shots of America–Colorado

Welcome to our continuing trek across the Unites States in search of fun facts and tasty cocktails. This week we’re in the Rocky Mountains, visiting Colorado! ~~~oOo~~~ After many changes of hands and disputes over the years, the free Territory of Colorado was organized by outgoing-President Buchanan in February of 1861. Named for the Colorado […]

50 Shots of America–Kansas

Toto, I think we ARE in Kansas this week, the 34th state in this glorious nation! Look, Toto, at those dear, dear fields of wheat, sorghum and sunflowers. And over there, why those are some of the wagon ruts still engraved on our prairie from the Sante Fe Trail (1820 to 1881), can you imagine? […]

50 Shots of America–Missouri

Meet Me at the Fair Now, if you were paying attention last week when Maine was added to the Union as part of the Missouri Compromise, then you’re probably not surprised that the Show-Me state is taking it’s place as #24 at the bar this week! And speaking of that nick-name (unofficial–they don’t have an […]

Great Lakes Brewery

Image by chrisscott via Flickr Great Lakes Brewery is a nice restaurant and brewery located in Downtown Cleveland. This restaurant is located on an artsy part of the city near the West Side Market and shops. This brewery brews all sorts of beers. Some of the more populars ones include Dortmonder Gold and Eliet Ness. […]

1001 Beer Steins is the Place for Beer Enthusiasts

Image via Wikipedia Years ago, I took a tour of Germany and yes, brought back several beer steins as souvenirs for family and friends.   Included below is a brief history of beer steins from some new friends at 1001 Beer Steins.  It answered a lot of questions I didn’t know I had.  They even have […]

50 Shots of America–Vermont

Chef JennaBear, Vermont Teddy Bear Co So, what do you think of when you think Vermont? Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream? Vermont Teddy Bear Company? Vermont Maple Syrup? Or all of the above? Vermont is the 14th state of the US, the first added to the Union after the original 13 ratified the Constitution. Original […]

50 Shots of America–North Carolina

Poor North Carolina–it’s turn came during my week-when-nothing-got-done and then was further complicated by a serious case of cocktail block (much like writer’s block but instead of staring at a blank page you gaze at an unused bar). But, good things come to those who wait… North Carolina, the Tar Heel State, was the 12th […]