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Marinating Meat for Barbecue Treats

Marinating meat is a popular and relatively cheap way to spice up any dish.  The technique has been in use for many thousands of years.  It has often been used as a way to preserve as well as tenderise meat in the pre-refrigeration era (most of human history).  This is probably why there is such […]

That’s a White Sauce of a Different Flavor!

Up until recently, I thought of white sauce in two ways: Bechamel and Veloute. This past month, though, I’ve encountered a different sort of white sauce  on two separate occasions and I’m thrilled with this new addition: White Barbecue Sauce. Unlike traditional white sauces which start with a roux and are thinned by either milk […]

Grill Favorites

I love the summer because with the summer comes nice weather and BBQ food. In Ohio, the only good time to cook BBQ food is in the summer due to the nasty weather, snow and rain. Finally the weather is getting nicer and I am ready to get out my grill and start off the […]

Tucson Culinary Festival 2010 Double Throw Down

Image by WordRidden via Flickr Tucson Culinary Festival 2010 Double Throw Down Along with the margarita tasting championship, the reserve tasting, the grand tasting, and the Copper Chef Challenge at the barbecue brunch is the double throw down. Here’s the skinny on what’s going to happen. BrushFire BBQ will compete against Chad’s Steakhouse for the […]

Cookbook Review: BBQ 25 – Inspired Fathers Day Gift

Image via Wikipedia BBQ 25 may be the most perfect grill related book on the planet. On the plus side, it’s shaped like a bible and the pages are laminated. I presume its style is to stand out among a crowded BBQ book niche but also for practicality. Accidentally, drop some sauce or handle with […]

Substitute for Hoisin Sauce for Asian Glazed Salmon

Originally uploaded by lickyoats Salmon was on the menu for last night’s dinner. My husband, Jim, had already pulled it out of the freezer and was defrosting it. I wasn’t really in the mood for it, but since the die was cast, I thought I would try making Asian Glazed Salmon — the sweet glaze […]