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Marinating Meat for Barbecue Treats

Marinating meat is a popular and relatively cheap way to spice up any dish.  The technique has been in use for many thousands of years.  It has often been used as a way to preserve as well as tenderise meat in the pre-refrigeration era (most of human history).  This is probably why there is such […]

That’s a White Sauce of a Different Flavor!

Up until recently, I thought of white sauce in two ways: Bechamel and Veloute. This past month, though, I’ve encountered a different sort of white sauce  on two separate occasions and I’m thrilled with this new addition: White Barbecue Sauce. Unlike traditional white sauces which start with a roux and are thinned by either milk […]

You’ve Got Mail!

I love getting food in the mail especially when I’m not expecting it. Last week I received a package from the folks at McCormick filled with a whole line of new products created for the barbecue season. The McCormick Grill Mates® and Lawry’s® offer a taste of American grilling at its finest.Included in the kit […]

Famous Daves

Image via Wikipedia As a tradition in my sorority, we always get a group of girls together and go out to dinner for a sister’s birthday. Well today is my little sister Kelsey’s birthday in the sorority so we are going to Famous Daves in Toledo, OH. I have only been there once before because […]

Great American Rib Cook-Off

Image by madmolecule via Flickr The Great American Rib Cook-Off and Music Festival sponsored by Marc’s is in Cleveland this weekend to kick off the summer. This event has been going on since 1992, and is a huge deal in Cleveland. Each year, they feature live bands, great ribs, and other great food. The dates […]

New Loveland Ohio BBQ on the Bike Path

Don’t you just love it when you discover a new place to eat!  I do.  It satisfies my image of being an adventurer.  That’s what happened Saturday when Jim and I were exploring Loveland Ohio after we had just finished up at the Cincinnati Flower Show.  There were several lively restaurants on the main street, […]