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Accidental Bananas

Who knew you could grow bananas in the Florida Panhandle? Both houses Todd and I have shared, so far, have had banana trees somewhere on the premises, but they’ve never bloomed and I thought I’d read or heard something them being purely ornamental in all but the most tropical of locations. Imagine my surprise, then, […]

Rich is Relative

So is difficulty, for that matter. Crepes are something usually reserved for special occasions, Sunday brunch, or times you want to impress. To the uninitiated, they seem terribly complex when, if anything, they’re a little tedious but not at all difficult. Want to make it even easier on yourself? Buy the crepes pre-made and just […]

Bananas.. are they healthy?

Originally uploaded by bocavermelha-l.b. Ever since I was young, I grew up on the basis of knowing to eat my fruits and vegetables. I was told that they were healthy and would make me a more nutritious healthy girl. But now, I have heard different things. First, bananas are bad? I have recently heard bananas […]