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AlcoHOLidays | Banana Cream Pie Day | Banana Cream-Tini

You gotta love it when the holidays lend themselves so easily to a cocktail, right? March 2 is Banana Cream Pie Day and I’m having trouble coming up with any objections to such a day existing. Banana pies and banana cream custards go back to the late-1800s, but the first written record specifically for the banana […]

Cosmic Cocktails | Aquarius | The Bleeding Heart

As we wind down our trip through the cocktail cosmos, we come to our next-t0-last sign: Aquarius. Symbolized by the water-bearer, Aquarians often find themselves happiest when helping others–both in face-to-face, person-to-person encounters as well as large-scale humanitarian efforts that benefit many. They also tend to be incredibly idealistic, but with follow-through: eschewing businesses that […]

Dreaming of a Tropical New Year

Because you can always dream, right? This week’s alphatini called for something fit to a tee–and I began thinking Tangerine. Namely, the tangerine liqueur we picked up in Roatan on our last cruise (which has been far too far in the past). A Dreamsicle martini would be the easy route, but since I was thinking […]

A Little Change of Plans

So, this week we were supposed to all be surprised with the fabulous E-Alphatini, right? Yeah, about that, I’ve discovered my deadline for the cookbook project is coming up fast so a lot of my blogging time is taking a backseat for the month of August so I can get some serious, sloggy, un-fun data entry done. […]

50 Shots of America–Hawaii

I suppose, pre-Internet especially but before the media made everyone so altogether global, traveling across country or to a different region could really feel like going someplace different. My own travels leads me to believe that’s not really the case anymore. Except, perhaps, in Hawaii. (Granted, I’ve never been there myself but I’d be more […]