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My oh my! That’s some pizza pie

Unlike the rest of the country when summer means grilling anything and everything,  in Tucson it’s just too darn hot to fire up the charcoal grill. So when I received several packets of Fleischmann’s Pizza Crust Yeast along with recipes for pizza on the grill I opted out of the grilling part and just make […]

Peanut Flour Power

Restaurants have been using peanut flour for years. High in protein, this gluten free flour is used in soups, breads, cookies, sauces, breading and batters. Now home cooks can find this versatile ingredient at Trader Joe’s nationwide and at Harvey’s Supermarkets in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina thanks to the folks at The National Peanut […]

Breaking Bread

“Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods; and good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts.” –James Beard (1903-1985)? Is there anything better than the smell of fresh-baked bread? The sight of butter melting on it or the chewy feel of it between your teeth? I think not. But it is, […]

Way Cool

Have you ever thought about what happens to food when you freeze it? Have you ever wondered why some foods don’t look or feel the same once they’ve been defrosted? Have you ever asked if there was a way to make this work for you instead of against you? This is one of my favorite […]

Superbowl Cupcakes

Image by psd via Flickr I love making cupcakes and baking. Although I love to cook, I can have more fun while baking with my friends and enjoying the time together. Besides my sandwiches, I am planning on making themed cupcakes with my friends for the Superbowl. I was not quite sure how I wanted […]

Nibbles & Bites: Formulas versus Recipes

While listening to the Weekly Geek podcast last week they discussed a submitted iPhone App, Ratio, by the author of the book of the same name: Michael Ruhlman. First let me say I’m completely unfamiliar with his work, his book or the App (as of the podcast it had been submitted but not yet approved […]

Nibbles & Bites: Picking Pumpkins

Tis the season, no? Pumpkin patches are springing up in grocery stores, church yards, street corners and even honest-to-goodness farms so that everyone can pick the number one pumpkin for carving. But what about pumpkins for cooking? Is it worth it to make your own versus using canned? Only you can decide that, but if […]