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Restaurant Excess: Overrated Ingredients

  Zagat just came out with a list of eight overrated ingredients that chefs use. Here’s a few of their rants: Bacon Quinoa Pork belly Kobe beef Truffle oil Just curious — what ingredients whether on your restaurant plate or in your pantry, do you think is overrated? Even though I love anything with blood […]

July 4th BBQ – Bacon Cheese Turtle Burgers, Butterbeer

Image by randomduck via Flickr Summer is here. The July 4th BBQ is right around the corner. What can you do to stun your friends and family by making this holiday or any day beyond memorable? While people with less imagination will be putting shrimp on the barbee and grilling a few hot dogs and […]

10 worst foods!

Image via Wikipedia This is a version of some one’s top 10 worse foods NOT to eat. I thought it was interesting and I bet everyone has ideas on each item this lady talks about. For me, I agree with the fact that these foods are bad, but I do not necessarily think they are […]

Recipe: Best Bacon

Before you read this recipe — yes, we are a healthy food blog but we think moderation is the key. I will probably never make this recipe unless some special friends come to visit and twist my arm. I never even make bacon unless it’s turkey bacon and I don’t really enjoy it that much. […]