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All Things in Moderation

It’s a new year and with the starting of a new calendar many folks around the world have all vowed to do one thing: lose weight. And I saw a statistic the other day that was not all that encouraging for their chances. Me? While my doctor would love to see that scale go down […]

Wine Search I-Phone App

The next phone application I am going to review is called Wine Search. This app is available for the I-Phone and is very handy when going out to eat. If you are like me, you do not like to get ripped off when buying anything. I always try to compare prices, see if coupons are […]

iFob I-Phone App

                The next mobile application I am going to review is called iFob. The purpose of this application is to connect with people that are within close range of you at restaurants and maybe even strike up a conversation and have someone to eat with…all over your phone.                 To me, the premise of this […]

“Where” I-Phone App

Throughout the month of August, I am going to be reviewing different food and restaurant related phone applications. Since there are so many applications out there for mobile devices, I am going to try and pick the top apps and learn a little bit more about each one. For the first app I am going […]