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Recipe | Apple Mallow Sweet Potato Bake

Among other things, November is Better Nutrition Month and sweet potatoes are one of the easiest–and tastiest!–ways to get some solid nutrition on your plate. Sweet potatoes are a good source of fiber, vitamins A & C, and Potassium. They’re also a complex carb–the “good” kind of carbohytrate–that your body takes its time breaking down […]

Honey, I Shrunk the Apples!

Watch out, folks, she’s got a dehydrator and is not afraid to use it! A few weeks ago I was in an unusual (for me) situation: a little extra cash, 2 Bed, Bath & Beyond gift cards burning a hole in my wallet, and a 20% off coupon to BB&B, all when I had to run an […]

Beware the Hag With the Poisoned Apple

Welcome to the first of our new Alphatini series where we take a look at 26 varieties of the classic martini and come up with the best possible version of each, maybe even creating some new ones on the way. ~~~oOo~~~ A is for Apple If we, in our gin-soaked haze, remember nothing else from […]

50 Shots of America: New York

Oh, man, New York, the Cocktail Capital of the World (okay, so the Web tells me that Tokyo is actually the cocktail capital of the world, but Hudson, NY, was the first place that the word cocktail can be c0nfirmed in use, so :P) comes in as the 11th state of the Union having ratified […]

Nibbles & Bites: Apple Dumplings

I’ve been thinking a lot about apples, lately, and with the weather cooling off, the cinnamon brooms showing up in the supermarkets and the idea that the holidays are right around the corner, I think of Mom making Apple Dumplings. This is her recipe, updated a little by me. They are especially good on cool […]

Thanksgiving: Let’s Talk Turkey

It’s that time when people are thinking about their Thanksgiving meal. My best friend Mary Jo was telling me what she was going to make for that day. She lives in Northern Calif. so I’ll only get to hear about her meal. She was telling me about putting her turkey on a bed of sliced […]