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2010 Food Predictions

Image via Wikipedia On Wednesday, The Early Show had Bon Appetit Magazine’s restaurant editor Andrew Knowlton speak about  predictions for 2010’s food selections. To start, Andres Knowlton talked about how his predictions for southern food were right for 2009. His prediction for the biggest dish of the year for 2010 is meatballs. He talks about meatballs in all […]

New Years Traditions

Image via Wikipedia When you think of the year coming to an end, most people think of big parties, fireworks, and of course the ball dropping at midnight. A big tradition for most people on New Years Eve is going out to celebrate the new year. My family usually does something different each year, but […]


Image via Wikipedia This website, sweetfreestuff.com, is a great website to look at every couple of days. This website contains coupons for food, coupons for restaurant, free items with coupons, and free samples that get sent to your house. If you use this site as a tool to save money, it can really help. I […]


Image by bookgrl via Flickr This is a relatively new product that is very interesting. It is a sugar substance with no actual sugar, similar to sweet n low or equal, but it also contains a flavor for your beverage. I sampled true lemon, true lime, and true orange from free samples from a website. This […]

Crab Rangoon

Image via Wikipedia Looking for a QUICK EASY recipe for the holidays. This recipe is not only fun to make, but doesn’t take too long. It looks great and would be a wonderful appetizer for a New Year’s party! Crab Rangoon is an Asian inspired appetizer with fried dough filled with a crab mixture. Many […]

Candied Orange Peel Recipe

    Making Candied Orange Peel is a quick, fun activities to do with kids that everyone enjoys — and it is chic enough for your fanciest party.  I did this project with my 11-year old niece, Hannah, and she did most of the work!.  If you’ve never made “candy“, then this is a great recipe to […]

Two Orange-Based Holiday Recipes with Photos

Candied Orange Peel Recipe: step 1 – peel orange and trim excess pith to avoid bitterness http://s2t.vg/wpFXnO # step 2- Boil sugar and water. http://s2t.vg/OrFO1I # Step 3 – Add orange peel strips http://s2t.vg/nVrAjG # Step 4: Spread out on rack to let drip excess sugar onto waxed paper and dry http://s2t.vg/cXjQ3Z # Final step […]

Mothers Day Cooking Safety Tips

As children get ready to cook for mom on Mother’s Day (May 10), here are some safety tips to remember: From a FDA press release Rubbery eggs, burned pancakes, undercooked bacon — what mother doesn’t treasure the memory of the little hands that cooked a Mother’s Day breakfast? Mother’s Day is the perfect time for […]

Oscars Party Tips: Oscars Food and Fun

All of Tinsel Town is a buzz with the festivities this Sunday for the 81st Annual Academy Awards. As for the rest of us, well, every year the show gets more and more boring and loses audience share so who knows. Since I’m not a sports fan, I am a movie fan. I usually get […]

Food Debate at New York Times Opinion Page

The Salmonella-laced peanut butter scare from that Geogia plant certainly has raised the ire of a lot of consumers and food advocates and experts out there. As well it should (19,000 people sick in 43 states and 8 deaths so far). The Opinion section of the New York Times has a running commentary on what […]