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Don’t Mess with Chocolate – Last Days to Comment to FDA

There are only a few more days to comment to the FDA about saving the quality of chocolate. Otherwise, good American chocolate as we know it will be devoid of the prime ingredient of cocoa butter and whole milk and replaced with a mystery vegetable oil and whey powder. Yuck. Mystery vegetable oil sounds like […]

Factory Farms: Big Business in Ohio

  Originally uploaded by pjchmiel These innocent buildings hide much from the public. These are factory farms. The windowless buildings may house chickens, turkeys, hogs — in crowded conditions with little room to move. I’ve seen news clips of the inside of these facilities where chickens live in tight cages their whole lives strategically placed […]

Healthy Eating Tip: Lower Your Cholesterol with Flaxseed Meal

If you’re of a certain age — say baby boomer and beyond, most likely your doctor has tried to peddle Lipitor or Crestor in order to lower your high cholesterol. While these prescription drugs may work to a certain extent, the side effects are scary  and if you don’t have health insurance or don’t have health insurance […]

Americans Concern With Food Safety Not Shared By All Cultures

With the recent scandal regarding China and the melamine in pet food, we Americans are finally justified in our concern about food safety.  But I just learned that food safety is not a concern shared by all cultures. According to Clotaire Rapaille in his new book “The Culture Code – An ingenious way to understand why […]

Cloning: Madder Cow Disease

I just read an article where the FDA said that milk and meat from some cloned farm animals is considered safe. Yeah, like the FDA is an authority on what’s safe. Don’t forget the FDA said that Vioxx was safe as well as hormone replacement therapy (HRT). When women stopped taking HRT, the amount of […]

Food Humor: Kitchen Chaos – What’s in Your Refrigerator?

At the end of every month, I somehow feel that a milestone has passed and want to conquer some project whether it be big or small. I looked at my desk and almost fainted. Then I looked at my other desk neglected across the room and had a panic attack. Thinking that the refrigerator would […]