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Book Review: L.A. Son By Roy Choi

My Life, My City, My Food I loved this memoir by Roy Choi creator of Kogi BBQ Taco Food Truck, famous for the Korean taco which launched the entire food truck revolution. Having lived in L.A. for 30 years (my informative years), I liked knowing the cities and locales he wrote about where he was […]

Delicious Movie: The Hundred Foot Journey

Talk about connections. Just say you’re Oprah Winfrey and you read a book that you love (The Hundred Foot Journey) by author Richard C. Morais. Then call up your friend Steve Spielberg and ask him to make this book into a movie. The story is about an immigrant Indian family (with a very talented and […]

Don’t Skimp on Those Spices

Planning a menu on a restricted diet–be it the Low-FODMAP protocol or otherwise–means a lot of the same. With broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, various beans and peas all on the trigger list that leaves a lot of repetition of spinach, green beans, and carrots (not to mention the ubiquitous green salad) as side dishes. Of course […]

The Spaghetti-String Budget Isn’t What it Used To Be!

The question of whether it costs more to eat healthy isn’t really a question: it does. But one thing I’ve noticed while sticking to the Low-FODMAP diet this past year (aside from the raising of already-high grocery bills), is that convenience is a loosing battle. It’s one thing to have one or two food allergies […]

Spiced Lentil Cakes for the Indian Cooking Challenge

Yay! I’m so glad I had a chance to participate in the Indian Cooking Challenge this month, and the recipe chosen was more than perfect: because it is a sattvic recipe, there’s no onion or garlic that I have to substitute for. Lentils can be high in oligosaccharides (the O of FODMAPs), but after a year of being pretty […]

2013 – Eating Tucson, SFO, LA

It was a very good year. I dined out frequently as well as made many healthy delicious meals. Maybe next year I will treat myself to a personal trainer and one of those Sunizona  farm boxes. The highlights were: (in no particular order) 2013 was one of those birthdays when you just cannot believe you’re […]

Review: Green Smoothies for Every Season

The day after excess (Thanksgiving) is the day to start eating and drinking cleanly. There is no better time than to adopt a green smoothie into your meal plan. So what is a green smoothie? It’s a mix of fruits, spices, and something green such as greens from radishes, beets, kale, spinach, chard, celery, cabbage, […]

Meet the Sparkling: Cava

Have you heard of cava? It is, essentially, Spain’s answer to Champagne. More often than not it is made in the Champagne Method but since that, too, is limited to a particular region of France, a bottle of cava will usually denote “Método Tradicional” or Traditional Method. In the case of the bottle I tasted for […]

Tucson Dining: You’re Lying!

      I invited my mild-mannered friend Judy Olsen to use my Groupon (expiring 10/18/13) for Russian Tea for Two at Kalina on Tanque Verde.     We didn’t have a reservation but got there around 2 pm as I like to avoid the lunch crowd if I can. I had already been to […]

Low-FODMAP Kale and Carrot Eggs with Tri-Color Millet

While we’re no stranger to meatless meals, it does get a bit tougher on a Low-FODMAP diet to eat vegetarian and, frankly, I’m at a loss of how vegans with FODMAP-triggered IBS manage. It must be tough with so many vegetable protein sources no longer viable alternatives. This was the thought in the back of […]