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Let’s Do Lunch: Yoshimatsu in Tucson…Healthy Food Blog

TUCSON–When the weather hits to 100+ mark, I become a zombie and get really depressed. I decided to try to break the pattern. Today I signed up for an 8-week summer drawing class then decided to go buy my art supplies while drawing was on my brain’s top shelf. I bought the supplies at Sarnoff’s and then […]

February 2008 Wine Specials at Giant Eagle

It’s another month and that means more wine specials at Giant Eagle in the Cleveland Ohio area.  Enjoy! Rodney Strong Chardonnay ’06  $16.99 SAVE $5. $11.99 A crisp white with hints of lemon on the nose and juicy apple throughout.  SAVE $74.39 by the case! Breitenbach Frostfire  $9.79  A unique Ohio wine that is light, […]

Holiday Gift Idea: The Idiot’s Guide to Boiling Water

There’s something about this book series that offends me. I am not an idiot. I never will be an idiot. And I don’t like poking fun at idiots. Plus the concept is a lackluster rip-off to the dummies series. I have to hand it to the dummies, at least they had an original thought and […]

Food as Science: Hydrocolloid and Xanthan Gums, Anyone?

There’s an interesting article in the New York Times about food as science — something Rita Connolly, a frequent Circle of Food contributor, was educating us about a few weeks ago. The article explains some of the theories and ingredients such as hydrocolloid gums (used in the disgusting Twinkie) and xanthan gum used in bottled salad dressing […]

Wine Tasting: Tucson – Catavinos – Wines for $15 or Less

Tucson–Here’s a sleeper of a wine tasting venue tucked into a hidden corner of Alvernon Way just south of Ft. Lowell Road. The owner Yvonne Foucher is a former architect turned wine store owner studying for her sommelier certificate but smart enough to work with a wine consultant. If you want a glass of wine here […]

Next Iron Chef: 1st class meal-Airbus A 380

On Sunday, October 21, Gavin Kaysen (Executive Chef, El Bizcocho at the Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego, CA) and Morou Ouattara (Executive Chef, Farrah Olivia, Alexandria, VA) became the third and fourth chefs to be eliminated from the The Next Iron Chef — Food Network’s new reality series that will award one chef the world’s […]

Dietary Supplements Seized

Here comes the U.S. Calvary. Wait, no, it’s the U.S. Marshals who seized approximately $71,000 for dietary supplements from FulLife Natural Options, Inc. of Boca Raton, Fla.   Charantea Ampalaya Capsules and Charantea Ampalaya Tea were labeled as dietary supplements which means next to nothing in the marketing world except by people who actually believe it. (Yes, […]

Fine Wine: A Work of Art for First Class Cabernet Sauvignon

Kenwood Vineyards of Sonoma, Calif. not only crafts a wine that is a work of art but puts an artistic label on the bottle. Since 1975, Kenwood Vineyards’ highly-acclaimed Artist Series Cabernet Sauvignon reigns as a premier marriage of fine art and fine wine. Kenwood’s goal is to combine its best Cabernet Sauvignon with a noteable […]

Food Blog-Art of Eating Too Much: Mindless Eating

How often do you find that you ate half a bag of tortilla chips and you don’t remember doing so? After a handful of chips, they all taste the same or they become tasteless but that doesn’t stop us from continuous hand to mouth action. Sometimes I go looking for something and cannot even remember […]

AZ Culinary Tourism:Happy Salsa Trail to You

Last week I joined a travel writer on a jaunt on the Salsa Trail in Graham County and Greeley County in Arizona. Most of the action is in and around Safford. What can I say about Safford? Let’s see: Cotton and hay are grown there and the current plentiful Gila River is the reason the […]