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Shaker Village – Experience the Simple Pleasures

Originally uploaded by janet.powell There are many ways to experience pleasure but what they all have in common is the need to slow down to savor the moment. Recently, we went to Shaker Village In Pleasant Hill, Kentucky to do just that. Shaker Village is a living history museum of 3,000 acres of preserved farmland […]

Indian Summer Soups and Chilled Wines

The days are getting shorter but still summer envelopes us until the season changes. Cold soups and chilled wines fill the hunger of our souls. Splashes of verdant olive oil. Glorious summer tomatoes and crisp, fresh vegetables. Robust garlic and coarse Mediterranean Sea salt. Joined together, this rainbow of bold flavors becomes the classic Andalusian […]

Chocolate Adventure Recipe Contest

The master chocolate makers, Scharffen Berger Chocolate and TuttiFoodie blog team up together to create a one-of-a-kind unusual recipe contest. Can I be a judge? Imagine this — you start with rich Scharffen Berger chocolate and add at least one out-of-the box ingredient such lavender, lemongrass, saffron, sea salt, ginger, cloves, wasabi…there’s a whole list and […]

Food Blog: Ginger, Culinary Spice Superstar

Ginger is a culinary superstar, favored for adding a sweet and exotic flavor to savory and sweet dishes. One of the original spices imported from the Orient, mentions of ginger can be found dating as early as 479 BC. Ginger has a long history based in its native cultivation grounds-the Orient. The Chinese philosopher Confucius […]

Spanish Wine Pairing for All Barbecue Regions

Summer without barbeque is unthinkable. Summer without wine is boring. Mix wine pairing and barbecue together, add some friends, and you’ve got the ideal all-American get-together. While cooking meat, poultry or fish over an open pit fire is prevalent in cultures around the world, America has made its own finger-lickin’ contribution to the gastronomical world […]

Food Blog: Is Hibiscus the New Pomegranate?

Remember when the food and health press couldn’t stop talking about the healthful benefits of blueberries? That is when the word “antioxidant” hit the airwaves? Blueberries still reign on their blue pedestal but in the last year or so the tower of power pomegranate has gathered speed and seems to be an antioxidant buzzword. Blueberries are far more […]