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Mothers Day Recipe: Pork Chops with Roasted Grapes

Treat mom to an amazing meal on Mothers Day. And whatever you do — don’t make her do the dishes. Grapes on their own are a perfect snack but ever thought of roasting them? Once you do, you’ll want to put them in everything!  Like vegetables, grapes caramelize when roasted bringing out their inherent sweetness […]

Wrapping Up the Great American Bake Sale

I had a month to plan. I signed up as a team captain, without first asking if anyone else was interested in helping. I reached out to the farmer’s market near my home to hold it there (and after a week of “pestering” got a firm yes). I asked my foodie friends if anyone would […]

Cosmic Cocktails | Gemini | Twist of Fate

Depending on which lore you go with, the story of the Gemini is either based on the Green twins Castor and Pollus or the Babylonian friends Gilgamesh and Enkidu–either way, you’re dealing with a mortal and an immortal, a pair of like-minded souls. All mutable signs (signs that cover a change of seasons–in the case […]

Blast from the Past: The Mojito

I’m in a bit of a crunch, right now, laying out the pages for What to Feed Your Raiding Party, so our next Cosmic Cocktail will have to wait a week. So as not to start your weekend off dry, here’s a post from my 2009 archives, part of the Alpha-hol Series, about a refreshing drink perfect for […]