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Coffee Humor: Size Does Matter

Coffee has come a long way since my mother plugged in the percolator and the smell of morning coffee permeated the house. After awhile instant coffee came along and that heavenly aroma disappeared. I do believe that instant coffee is the worse beverage on earth which is probably why I didn’t drink coffee until my […]

Hot Stuff: Habanero Chile Peppers

Habanero chiles Originally uploaded by Manny Santiago. There are those that like it hot and those that like it hotter. Those who like the real hot stuff must worship habanero chile peppers. Habanero (pronounced ah-bah-NEH-roh) chile peppers are 30 times hotter than the jalapeno chile pepper. I can already see sweat bubbles pouring off some […]

Fine Dining: What Equates to Good Service

This past weekend my friend Sandee was visiting from Los Angeles. On a previous occasion we had gone to the Arizona Inn for a light repast in the piano bar. Piano bars seem to be fading in popularity but I like going as it’s restful (usually) and non-threatening to sit in the piano bar vs. just […]

Heart Health: Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables

A new study just came out that said all women are susceptible to heart disease. Sorry, I don’t buy the absolutes. No, I’m neither a doctor nor a researcher but I don’t like the word all either. First, I want to know who financed the study. Was it Crestor or Lipitor, cholesterol lowering pharmaceutical drug […]

Cocktails: Limoncello Shots and Buzz Marketing Miracles

Limoncello shots Originally uploaded by hannahlouise. Prior to a few week’s ago, limoncello was a relatively obscure alcoholic consumable limited to an after dinner liqueur served at pricey Italian bistros. But somehow hunky George Clooney and punky Danny DeVito go drinking one night and get really inebriated and blame their state of buzzdom on limoncello shots. (Oh, […]

Super Bowl Legends and Food Related Urban Myths

True or False:  Two thirds of all avocados are sold within weeks of Super Bowl Sunday. Since Super Bowl Sunday is an event for excessive celebrating, drinking, and eating — it almost makes sense that the perfect festive snack food of chips and dips, that guacamole would be consumed in huge volumes. In some  parts of the […]

Comfort Food for a Broken Heart

My best friend died this past week. He was 12.5 years old or 98 in dog years. He was a 75 pound retired rescued greyhound who raced into into my heart and carved out a big space. He never met a person that he didn’t like. While I think that’s an admirable way to behave, I can’t say […]

Cranberry Raisin Pie Recipe – Create a New Holiday Tradition

This easy Cranberry Raisin Pie recipe is one of my personal favorites and is a holiday tradition with my family.  I save it for Thanksgiving and Christmas — it is that special.  Tart and sweet with lots of texture; what is there not to like?  I have never seen this recipe anywhere.  Let me know how you […]

Russell Wright Retro Clock Tells More Than Just the Time

I grew up in the 60’s on a farm in SW Ohio. My parents were literally like Oliver Wendell Douglas and Lisa on the comedy TV show Green Acres; Dad was a city boy lawyer and Mom was a dress designer turned housewife — really.  In 1963, Dad bought a 10-acre farm for $12,500 that came […]