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Restaurant Etiquette, What’s That?

The Zagat blog lists 10 new rules for restaurant etiquette. The blog location is NYC. What do the rest of the United States think? Does the Big Apple’s rules rule? Here is what the list says about kids: “It’s fine to bring children to dinner in most restaurants. But don’t do it at places where […]

Stuck in a Recipe Rut

Anyone who’s ever followed any sort of mean plan probably knows what I’m talking about with the recipe rut. Several years ago we were subscribers of a recipe service. There were definite upsides as it totally took care of the “what’s for dinner” quandary each night and, depending on which track you subscribed to, could help you […]

The Poor, Maligned Potato

I’m not sure why potatoes have been on my mind, lately, they just have, so let’s talk some spuds, shall we? Obesity and weight-control being the buzz-words they are, potatoes are one of the first things (along with bread and another other carbohydrate-rich food) to be ditched in an effort to get “healthier.” While I […]

Healthy Eating in the Work Place

We are told by health professionals, by tons of health-fixated magazines and by our peers to eat more fruit and vegetables. We know, however, that once our back-sides get comfortable at the desk, maintaining a well-balanced diet can seem impossible. If you work nine-till-five like most of us, resisting the caffeine fixes and the cookies […]

Tucson Culinary Altruism

Tucson Culinary Altruism You have to love this town because of all the culinary altruism where restaurants and organizations reach out to help the community. Here are four immediate opportunities. Cooking for the Cure Thursday, July 26 – 6 to 9 p.m. Benefits: Susan G. Komen for the Cure Southern Arizona Tucson’s favorite chefs demonstrate […]

Get your Five a Day with Sizzling Stir Fry Recipes

Many people are starting to make a conscious effort to live a healthier lifestyle this summer and fitting your five a day in to your daily food intake is one way to do this. Replacing your usually sugary snacks and high calorie meals with healthy alternatives such as fruit and vegetables is the first step […]

Dinner Party Ideas? Four Sure-To-Please Ideas

Themed Party Food Creating a fun theme for your dinner party can actually make the evening less stressful as you can eliminate all of the possibilities outside of this theme. You could choose an Italian theme, an Indian theme, Greek, Chinese or American. If you are feeling adventurous, you could even plan a dinner party […]

10 easy red, white, blue food ideas for July 4th

Around this time of the year, people show their patriotism by wanting to celebrate the 4th of July and eat red, white, and blue foods. Here are some last minute food ideas: –Red salsa, white bean dip and blue tortilla chips –Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting topped with fresh blueberries and sprinkles –Angel […]

Circle of Food – Top Healthy Living Site Award

Yay for Circle of Food, the healthy food blog! The Nurse Practitioners have published the Health is Wealth: Top 100 Sites for Healthy Living and Circle of Food is listed in the “Nutrition” category. Woo Hoo! As we like to say — everything in moderation. Thank you for the honor. I’d like to thank my […]

A Summer Soup

Chowders are usually heavy soups perfect for cold, winter months to warm you up when the weather is frightful. This chowder, though, is light, a little sweet, and full of summer vegetables. I served it as part of my book launch tasting menu this weekend and it was perfect for a rainy, summer day spent […]