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I love the intracies of good Chinese food — the amazing sauces that plateau my tastebuds to another level, the rich spices that define Mandarin, Szchewuan, Cantonese, and Hunan.

Tucson is one big vapid hole when it comes to Chinese food. Eat it elsewhere because there are no good Chinese restaurants here.

You know there’s a problem when the chain …


On a recent trip to Los Angeles, I ate at Kotosh, a marvelously little hole-in-the-wall serving memorable Japanese-Peruvian fare in Lomita. 

My friend Annette knew one of the owners and off we went (with Linzi along). I guess Peruvian Japanese fare is not that unusual. Annette explained that the owners were Japanese but lived most of their lives in …


Tucson–Tonight I went out to dinner to Yoshimatsu which is one of my favorite restaurants. Yoshimatsu serves a different kind of Japanese food in a fast casual setting but somehow it works and is consistently wonderful.

Since the University of Arizona session hasn’t started yet, Yoshimatsu was not crowded. Every time I go, I order the same thing — ginger …


What do “a tea cup” and a “dessert spoon” have in common?  Quaintly enough, they are both British measurements.

If you should happen to run across a British recipe, which is not uncommon these days with the Internet, you might think twice about trying it.  No longer.  Here is a nifty table of British measurement equivalents to help you over …


July was national ice cream month but if you ask me ice cream never goes out of style especially in these long hot summer months.

While the 15 most popular flavors list vanilla, chocolate, and butter pecan as the top 3 — a cosmic flavor list is on the menu in Los Angeles. L.A. is a culinary melting pot and …


The South Bay School of Cooking presents:

What could be more romantic than learning to make exotic Thai food with someone you love?
It takes two to make banana leaf wrapped prawns, Tom Ka Gai-chicken in coconut milk, pad see yew noodles, fragrant jasmine rice, and the show-stopping torched pineapple with coconut sorbet.

You may bring wine to share.

Cost: …


Spend a leisurely morning preparing a lavish meal of Spain’s favorite dish — paella.

The exotic aroma of saffron complements the finest seafood, chicken, sausage and rice. Sip fruity sangria while munching on Spanish cheese with quince paste, olives, and paella. 

The cost is $79 per person and it all happens at the South Bay School of Cooking. This …


TIME magazine did an interesting spread on what 16 families ate for a week. The cost of feeding various families around the world went from $5 to $500 for a week.

Guess which country picked mayonnaise sandwich as one of their favorite foods?

So as a country, do you think we are what we eat?

What’s on your shopping list …


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