Sonoita Hills

Sonoita Hills (Photo credit: cobalt123)

Take a short drive out of Tucson this Saturday, Feb. 9 (unless of course if you are going to the 4th Avenue Trunk Show dressed in Steam Punk finery) and check out these two fun events in Sonoita and Willcox.

Visitors who cannot go back East because of the weather…this is a perfect diversion for …


bearwinebistro 003This afternoon some foodie and winey friends and I went to try out this new Tucson wine bistro on the NE corner of Sunrise & Swan in the Foothills.

The spiel is this; the wine bistro owned by a man who owns a winery in New Mexico. The website — Bear Track Winery dot com — isn’t functional as of …


I saw this photo on Facebook and asked Mutt Lynch Winery permission to use it on my blog. (thank you)

courtesy Mutt Lynch Winery

courtesy Mutt Lynch Winery

As you know I have greyhounds (but love all dogs) and I love wine so I could not resist.

As for Mutt Lynch Winery, they have the kind of outlook that we should all have …



December 20 – National Sangria Day

I like a good sangria. In the summer I prefer white sangria because it’s lighter but the rest of the time, a good red sangria will do.

Originating in Spain, the word sangria is the Spanish word for bleeding. The drink gets its name from the red color of the wine used in a …


When it comes to honoring other culture’s holy days with something as potentially flippant as a cocktail tribute, you have to walk a fine line between humor and reverence. So I’m going to apologize now for the very bad pun I’m about to make.

Light One Cocktail Hanukkah beverage

Most people know that Hanukkah is the Jewish celebration of the night when they had only …


Haile & Renee from Renee's Organic Oven

Haile & Renee from Renee’s Organic Oven

I want to share this blog post by Haile Thomas a young blogger and healthy eating advocate who recently met the First Lady, Michelle Obama. Haile also eloquently spoke at last year’s TEDx event at the Fox Theatre and sits on the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Youth Advisory Board.

Haile is …


Meet Yvonne

Meet Yvonne

Congratulations to Yvonne Foucher, the owner of CataVinos Wine Shoppe in Midtown. Today she celebrates her 5th anniversary as a locally-owned wine store and wine tasting venue. It can’t be easy in this economy to compete with multiple big box chains selling wine.

What makes the CataVinos experience unique is that Yvonne and her tasters sample every bottle …


Smelling wine as part of wine tasting

Smelling wine as part of wine tasting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

September 19 – North Fattoria Italiana Opens
NoRTH Restaurant (at La Encantada) has had a makeover and will transform into North Fattoria Italiana. It’s still a Fox Concepts restaurant owned by Tucson’s golden boy Sam Fox. Fattoria means farm in Italian. I’m not sure about that word if people don’t …


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