A S'more; melted marshmallow and milk chocolat...

A S’more; melted marshmallow and milk chocolate between two graham crackers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love s’mores! My highlight of camping out or going to camp has always been the promise of s’mores. I don’t even like marshmallows but I guess loving two out of three ingredients makes up for it.

According to Wikipedia, a s’more (sometimes spelled smore) is …


Patriotic cupcakes

Photo: Real Mom Kitchen

Around this time of the year, people show their patriotism by wanting to celebrate the 4th of July and eat red, white, and blue foods.

Here are some last minute food ideas:

–Red salsa, white bean dip and blue tortilla chips

–Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting topped with fresh blueberries and sprinkles

–Angel food …


Tucson food artist

Kusuma Rao - Tucson Food Artist

Meet Kusuma Rao. She’s a local (to Tucson) personal chef and creator of an underground supper club and a self described food artist fusing cultures through cuisine.

Once Circle of Food blog writes about the underground supper club it won’t be underground anymore. While Kusuma Rao has come out of the closet with this …



Image via Wikipedia

What’s on the menu?

Don’t worry. Not Punxsutawney Phil. So far, no food magazines has splashed roasted or grilled marmots on their pages.

Us desert dwellers couldn’t care less whether or not America’s most famous woodchuck sees his shadow or not. Yet, it’s a popular holiday which is celebrated for four days in a tiny Pennsylvania enclave …


Sugar cookies, baked

Image via Wikipedia

Santa is tired of cookies & milk

Poor Santa, how many sugar cookies & glasses of milk can one jolly fat man actually stomach?

Maybe if the milk is laced with some good bourbon or Kaluha, then the sugar cookies will be more palatable.  Or forget the sugar cookies. Maybe Rudolph and friends would like them providing …


My writing takes me to the most amazing places.

The Foundation for Inter-Cultural Dialogue – http://www.fid-az.org – invited me to be a judge at their Noah’s Pudding contest. I had never heard of Noah’s Pudding, also called Ashure. So I had to do a little research.

Noah’s pudding gets its name from the dish Noah made when the Ark …



Image by Itzike via Flickr

Lots of wonderful ways to celebrate the December holidays at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort. You need not be a guest of the hotel as the local public is always invited. Last year I took my dog sitter to one of the 12 days of Christmas festivities and then we sat at the bar enjoying snacks …


Turkey Sandwich

Image by FotoosVanRobin via Flickr

Recipes submitted by KRUPS.com

Turkey Pot Pie

•         2 small red potatoes, cubed
•         16 ounces frozen mixed veggies (carrots, corn, peas, green beans)
•         1 cup frozen chopped onions
•         1 teaspoon salt-free chicken seasoning
•         3 cups leftover turkey, cut into bite size pieces
•         2 (10-ounce) cans cream of chicken …


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