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In fact, as I write this post  my latest batch of lactose-free yogurt is perking along on the kitchen counter.

My EuroCuisine Yogurt Maker at work.
My EuroCuisine Yogurt Maker at work.

Now, why would I go to this much trouble when there are ready-made options available, even for the lactose-intolerant and Low-FODMAP among us? Because not all options are created equally.

I enjoy my …


Under Pressure

(Sorry if you now have that song stuck in your head.)

Growing up I’d always heard dire stories about pressure cooker malfunctions–blowouts, dinner ending up on the ceiling, and even injuries in the more severe cases. These stories pretty much insured that it was one kitchen appliance that I wouldn’t be bothering with, despite some of the so-called benefits.

Or …


Dried apples and pears

Watch out, folks, she’s got a dehydrator and is not afraid to use it!

A few weeks ago I was in an unusual (for me) situation: a little extra cash, 2 Bed, Bath & Beyond gift cards burning a hole in my wallet, and a 20% off coupon to BB&B, all when I had to run an errand in that …


Redskin Potato Salad from What to Feed Your Raiding Party

The temperature is rising and the sunny days of Summer are just bursting with cookouts, pot-lucks and pool parties. A creamy potato salad is great for these get-togethers because it can be made up to 2 days ahead and the flavor actually improves as it sits!

Frequently, a potato salad either features an oil-and-vinegar dressing or a mayonnaise-based dressing. My …


Like many others, this past Thursday, we prepped our Thanksgiving turkey and loaded him into the oven in plenty of time to allow the recommended 15-20 minutes per pound, plus resting and carving in order to have dinner ready at a respectable 5:30ish that evening.

Like previous years we brined it and then slathered it with an herbed butter and …


To Brown or Not to Brown

This was a recent topic of discussion around our house this weekend and I wanted to get some outside opinions on the subject:

When cooking in the slow-cooker,
do you do any pre-cooking or just toss everything in and let it go?

My position is the toss and go side of things. Frankly, I think after 8 hours of cooking


It started back in college life

Those heady days all on our own

When catching meals was full of strife

And home cooking did we disown

But to prep frozen pot pies was less than your due

Though what else could you really produce?

The years without you were not found wanting.

Until, that day, when we were so blue…


KitchenAid Mixer

Image by wlayton via Flickr

Every year Cook for the Cure, presented by KitchenAid, raises funds for breast cancer with parties held all over the country. Susan G. Komen for the Cure Southern Arizona, in association with Tucson Originals and TWS Premium Appliance Center, is joining in the fun with a 4-hour celebration of fine food and wine July 21.…


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