At school with me, a have a two year old Jack Russell Terrier. She is a wonderful dog and basically goes everywhere with me except for class and work. Her name is Precious and she is adorable.

So basically since she goes everywhere with me, including the sorority house, my friends like to give her people food as treats. I …


Today’s Paper Plate du Jour is a vegetarian lasagna roll up that is simple to make.  It is a satisfying comfort food without being heavy.  About 16 years ago, I took a class at the gym called “Think Light” which focused on weight loss and real cooking.  This is an adaptation of the recipe from that program.  This week I …


Not everyone celebrates Christmas. Being a cultural Jew, I find myself in a packed movie theater with others who don’t celebrate Christmas. It’s tradition.Le chaim to beer and popcorn!

When you’re in a major metropolis city, there are many options for not celebrating Christmas. According to my friend Marianne, when she lived in Chicago, bowling alleys were open so Asians …


Do you want to feel happy? Take a minute and watch this charming animation called Marcel the Shell With Shoes On. You’ll never look at shell macaroni the same again.


Quirk Books sent over a copy of “Recipes Every Man Should Know.”  This is a little black book with all the basics laid out in a simple straightforward manner.

Written by Susan Russo and Brett Cohen, “Recipes” also covers the vocabulary, tools and techniques every guy read cook should know. There are even instructions on how to carve a turkey …


Thanksgiving Dinner
Image by The Vault DFW via Flickr

What do real men really think about Thanksgiving?

I suppose men and women think differently about Thanksgiving.

Do guys think let’s eat, let’s drink, let’s take a nap, football, and more football?

While women think shopping-did I forget anything?, cooking, cleaning, did I make enough? will my vegetarian niece have enough to eat? …


¿que es mas macho?
Image by dogwelder via Flickr

Want to be the life of the party this Fourth of July?   Want to show that you are hip and with it?  When you get together, be sure to show your favorite Dad this funny video set to rap music.  It will put instant smiles on everyone’s face.  It is called Dad Life video.…


Steak on the highway?

Steak award
Image via Wikipedia

Imagine you are driving along the road and suddenly smell steak. Your gut reaction would be yum, and probably think its coming from a grill outside somebody’s house. Well not in North Carolina. In North Carolina, they actually have billboard advertising steak with a scent to entice buyers in.

A billboard for  Bloom Grocery in  North Carolina …


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