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Summer Vegetable Garden

Image by di_the_huntress via Flickr

Eating ethically. Now there’s an idea that I try to embrace.

Some suggestions to eat more ethnically include (not surprisingly) eating less meat and growing your own vegetables.

Other suggestions are

  • stop eating fast food
  • head to the local farmers markets
  • eat organic products
  • stop eating foods that require slave labor to pick and process

The Great Greek Salad

greek salad

Image by Stephen Rees via Flickr

I love making different types of salads, but being at college and on a budget, it is hard to get all the ingredients for the salads without spending an arm and a leg. But thanks to Monette’s Market in Toledo, Ohio, I now can make this Greek salad and not feel bad about buying …


French toast served at Mac's Restaurant in Roc...

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Comfort food.

Say the words in polite society and people smile pleasantly thinking about their favorite comfort foods.

Comfort food will never go out of style. While food trends come and go, comfort food is in it for the long haul. I think about comfort food more when the weather is cold or on a rainy day …


Easy Banana Smoothies

A bunch of Bananas.

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This recipe is very simple and requires little time. I love making them in the morning for breakfast.

You need:

Milk, 1 Frozen Banana and cinnamon

Use a blender to blend the milk (about half a cup) and the frozen banana. Then add the cinnamon and continue to blend. That is it!!

Sometimes I like it a …


Chocolate brownie in detail.

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Recipe: Brownies Made with Black Beans

The people from MS Active Wellness sent this recipe. It’s odd enough that I thought what the heck?
The black bean brownie recipe was created by Amanda Freitag, celebrity chef and recurring judge on Food Network’s competition show “Chopped,” and registered nutritionist Julie Barto for the MS Active Wellness Nutrition Program. …


Tree decorated for Valentine's Day in San Dieg...
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As a former educator, I like this idea. As a former kid, Valentines Day was all about candy and exchanging cards. I like this learning opportunity (nutrition/science/health) presented to me by Super Kids Nutrition.

In 1963, with support of American Heart Association, February was proclaimed American Heart Month. This month Super Kids Nutrition is challenging teachers, parents …


Goroh 014
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Soup’s on for Super Bowl Sunday, Chicago Special

Healthy alternative for Super  Bowl Sunday
Give your Super Bowl Sunday food fest a healthy option. Soup, steaming in a mug or bowl, can warm the heart of most football fans. If you eat a couple bowls of soup, most likely you’ll consume less deep fried foods. Eat a …


Today’s Paper Plate du Jour is a vegetarian lasagna roll up that is simple to make.  It is a satisfying comfort food without being heavy.  About 16 years ago, I took a class at the gym called “Think Light” which focused on weight loss and real cooking.  This is an adaptation of the recipe from that program.  This week I …


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