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Chris Kimball - host of America's Test Kitchen (Wikipedia)

I love the food TV show “America’s Test Kitchen”. The host, Christopher Kimball is so “not ready for prime time TV” that he is wicked good.  I love his dry humor.  I have learned a lot to improve my cooking by watching the shows and have even subscribed to their “Cook’s …


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I don’t watch a lot of TV.  But I’ve started using my DVR to record cooking shows that usually air at times that I prefer to do non-TV things.  America’s Test Kitchen TV show, and their second “Cook’s Country TV show”, are two that I especially enjoy.  Why?   They satisfy all sides of my personality:  my creative …


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Healthy eating tips

Del Monte Senior Nutritionist Sarah Ludmer (RD, LDN) sent Circle of Food some tasty and healthy eating suggestions along with a recipe that I’m going to share.

From Ms. Ludmer:

•         Eat a vegetable with every meal—white potatoes don’t count.

•         Have emergency meals ready—flatbreads in the freezer, cheese, canned veggies and StarKist tuna; …


This job definitely has its perks!  From time to time, companies ask us if we’d like to try their new products to review here on our healthy food blog.  Al Fresco offered to send me two flavors of their all natural link sausages.  Who doesn’t like sausage!  So naturally, I said yes.

I grew up on sausage, but in the …


roasted veggies by Deni Mosser

My friend and business webmaster Deni Mosser/Mosser Design sent me this gorgeous photo of her roasted vegetables so I asked her to share what she did.

She bought all 14 fresh and organic veggies from Trader Joe’s.

Red bell peppers
Gold potatoes
Golden Italian (Crimini) mushrooms
Mini pearl grape tomatoes
Organic red onions
Organic …


Orange juice.
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Top 10 Food Saving Tips

According to Fresh Plaza, an online newsletter about global produce, food prices are once again on the rise in the United States. Thus, saving money on food is become all the more important as the economy recovers from recession. But the good news is that saving on food isn’t rocket science, and …


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This is courtesy of the FDA

WASHINGTON, February 2, 2010—When planning a Super Bowl XLIV party, hosts should have a defensive strategy against foodborne illness for their guests. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends closely refereeing the following food safety violations so every partygoer returns home a winner.

Illegal use of hands
Avoid penalties for “illegal …


Eat healthy, eat more vegetables

Now that I receive my Tucson Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share, I have been eating many more fresh vegetables including greens. I am falling in love with gorgeous greens.

From the photo above you will note that my salad has just picked lettuces, roasted root vegetables, and grape tomatoes.

I also took a jar …


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