Meet the Sparkling: Cava


Have you heard of cava? It is, essentially, Spain’s answer to Champagne. More often than not it is made in the Champagne Method but since that, too, is limited to a particular region of France, a bottle of cava will usually denote “Método Tradicional” or Traditional Method.

In the case of the bottle I tasted for this post, it actually …



Hold up, wait a minute, what’s a California wine doing with the name Champagne on it’s label?!

Because, yes, the Barefoot brand is most definitely a California-produced wine, but they’ve been using the Champagne name since before it was “outlawed” in 2006 so they have special dispensation, as long as it clearly says its home state on the label so …


Meet the Sparklings: Prosecco


Have you ever idly wondered what the difference is between Champagne and Prosecco? It’s not an uncommon questions but I’ll bet it’s one seldom followed-up on because by the time you’ve popped the cork and had a few sips you’ve probably moved on to other great questions of the day.

Like where you put the strawberries.

Prosecco is very much …


Wine that helps military families

Wine that helps military families

Murphy-Goode Winery is donating a portion of wine proceeds to Operation Homefront. All funds raised will benefit Operation Homefront, the national nonprofit organization that provides emergency financial assistance to military families and wounded warriors. Murphy-Goode will collect a guaranteed minimum contribution of $200,000 and hopes to raise at least $300,000 for the organization.

According …


Meet Yvonne

Happy 6th anniversary!

Come celebrate the little wine shoppe & tasting room that could. It’s not small feat that an independent wine store can compete in the big box world of wine.

Kudos to Yvonne Foucher for making it happen. Join the fun Saturday and let the wine flow on:

When: Saturday, September 21 – from 2 – 6 pm…


Meet the Sparklings: Brut


Today begins another Meet the Wines series here at Sips & Shots (and shared with our friends at Circle of Food)! We’ve done the whites, reds, and roses, so that means the celebratory sparklings are the only logical next step!


Yesterday may have been Talk Like a Pirate Day but I was not drinking rum. Nay! I was sipping …


always cooler in Willcox

always cooler in Willcox

What are you doing Sunday, September 1, beginning at 1 p.m.? Consider heading south to Willcox, Kansas Settlement area for a day of wine, music, food, and art.

Admission is $25/pp and includes a complimentary custom Pillsbury outdoor wine glass; plenty of food – tacos, salsa, side dishes; live music by Nowhere Man & A Whiskey …


Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a great way to sample many Arizona wines. Not only can you sample them but you can rate them and vote for them.Support the Arizona wine industry. Individual tickets to the event are $10 online or 2 for $15 when purchased at any one of the three locations.

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